Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky MountaineerThe Rocky Mountaineer has been running rail tours through the Canadian west since 1990. It offers a unique experience on a romantic mode of transport, through high peaks and dense forests, alongside swift flowing torrents and emerald lakes, between cosmopolitan cities and tourist resorts. Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours bring memories that last a lifetime and the speed of travel allows every opportunity to capture those memorable moments.

The Rocky Mountaineer’s success stems from its desire to surpass the expectations of all its customers by bringing together the very best scenery, service, food and a great social atmosphere to make a truly unforgettable journey. As a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer is during daylight hours only, you will not miss any of the superb sights. The world-class staff will go out of their way to take care of your every need, and food and drink on the train is included. Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours attract people from all around the world and are a great way to make new friends.

Rocky MountaineerRocky Mountaineer trains travel through pristine wilderness in areas that are not accessible by other vehicles. In addition to amazing landscapes, tours offer the opportunity to learn about and catch sight of western Canada’s captivating flora and fauna, from ospreys and eagles in the skies, to deer and black bears in the forests, and salmon in the rivers.

Throughout a truly memorable Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tour the onboard hosts enhance the overall experience with their in-depth knowledge of local history and nature. Each coach has at least one dedicated Rocky Mountaineer host on hand to answer any questions or assist with any special requirements. It just remains to sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful experience that is a Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tour.


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